Comatose Poser

by Dani House



"Songs about being trash and wishing I was comatose. And also some covers of cool Japanese songs."

- Dani "The Comatose Poser" House


released February 5, 2016

Written, performed and produced by Dani House*
*Track 7 written by Dir en grey
*Track 9 written by China Holic
*Keenan Doyle plays guitar on track 6, drum machine on track 8, and laughs on track 10.



all rights reserved


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Dani House Fort Wayne, Indiana

This is me, and I hope you'll enjoy what you hear. Thanks for stopping by!

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Track Name: Garbage Day
Baby I wanna be your trash
'Cause if I was your trash you'd take me out tonight
Listen up, I could talk to you all night
But you wouldn't you rather just turn out the light
And lock me up behind your pantry door
Until tomorrow when you need me to take another load
I know you think that you'll never need a man
But everyone I've ever met needs a garbage can
Hear you me, I'll never be heard to fuss
I'll stay here forever until I turn into rust
When it's garbage day you can leave me out in the rain
I'll stand guard in the house when you're away
And when you get vacation time, don't feel you have to stay
I'll stand here in your kitchen 'til your back with shit to throw away
Track Name: Cheating On Me With You
I'm cheating on me with you
I hate to break your heart but I was bound to soon
'Cause I've been cheating on me with you
I should have told you right away, I know that now
But the way you looked at me turned me upside down
I didn't stop to think about how that would make me feel
I thought I'd finally found someone like you this time
But then remembered that I always have been mine
So I'm giving you the boot, 'cause I've been cheating on me with you
I saw you in the arms of another guy
And should have run away or at least tried to cry
Instead I just sighed and thought "how lucky am I?"
Since you already found someone else
I don't even have to confess to myself
That underneath this moon I've been cheating on me with you
Track Name: Goblin Space Travel Song
There's a goblin in my spacecraft and she know just what to do
On the way to planet Earth to start anew
You know it takes a lot of faith to leave the planet that you love
And I should know
There's a cannibal invasion and that's why we had to go
Thankfully they've lost their minds and do not know
That our camouflage conceals us as we slip past their blockade
And off we go-
Into space
We bow our heads to Trinity
The fading glow of red we always knew as home
There's a blue light in the distance, this has got to be the one
An azure glow we've never seen, which they call Earth
We can only hope that people here will share with us their home
But I still dream of Trinity
Track Name: I Am Your Moon
Swimming through the stars in my microwave
Trying to find my way back to you
Hair on fire in the Milky Way
But I have gotta see this through
Light years add up, but I've lost count
What is there for me anywhere else
Solar system is fading out
But I've gotta see you for myself
It's a microwave miracle
We'll fly away, or I'll just stay
In orbit here forever more
Shadow of you, I am your moon
Track Name: Comatose Poser
I'm a comatose poser, yeah it's true
And sleeping's all I do
So do you think just once I could fall asleep with you
I remember now why I stopped falling in love
Whenever I do, my hopes cave in from above
But still every night I see someone I have yet to meet
And too soon I wake, why can't I keep sleeping all day?
Now I'm awake and still daydream anyway
But slowly your face begins to fade into haze
It's because I drink myself to sleep they all say
But last night in my dreams, I drank myself wide awake
All 'cause you were nowhere in sight
And now I must wait another night
Oh my dream love, where are you?
Track Name: Song For Inhumans
Anything you want is what I need
'Cause I guess I don't want for myself
I'd be happy eaten by the trees
Or withering away in the green grass
Tell me what is so inhuman in me
That doesn't allow me to be a human being
Baby I'm in love with things I cannot see
I'm sorry I bothered you, but I really need to leave
Is it any wonder I don't feel
For you in the way that you expect
It isn't that my heart is made of steel
It just doesn't know how to beat in sync
I never wanted to disappoint you
But I guess I did not want not enough
Sometimes I need to hide from the world
But I can never stay away too long